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If there were a single person, I beg your pardon, a single robot to ‘robot’-ify luxury, it would be, without a doubt, Bolt. A day in Bolt’s life is replete with maids that feed him the most premium of nuts and bolts, and the finest oil one can find. Quote:- “I got bots in Atlanta, twisting nuts, bolts, and Fanta.” Bolt (2100 AC)

Bob, a full-time caveman and casanova, can always be found swiping mysteriously on his ‘tablet’. It has been rumoured that Bob has taken to a modern day wonder where your chances of finding a suitor depends how you move your finger (no pun intended)! Quote:- “Aaga ugege ba.” Bob (circa Stone Age)

Cats, catacombs, and coffee, the 3 ‘C’s that personify Cleopatra. She is often grabbing the strongest coffee at Pharaohbucks, and clicking instagrammable selfies of her food. While not doing that, this fashionable diva is seen ruling Egypt with ease. Quote:- “I got 99 problems, but snakes ain’t one.” Cleopatra’s Instagram caption (January, 30 BC)

Jignesh is your typical Gujarati teenager. Jovial and ever-ready to break into Garba, Jignesh’s stock of seemingly inexhaustible enthusiasm remains a source of speculation. Apart from being a full-time garba enthusiast, Jignesh’s admiration of Ms. Pathak’s music tends to outright devotion. Jignesh can be spotted meticulously completing assignments while peacefully sipping chaas.

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Tony has a penchant for the weird and wonderful. His scientific experiments speak volumes about his genius (literally). With a permanent forlorn face and hair that could be mistaken for a bird’s nest, Tony is and isn’t what you’d call a hot mess. “Hey, what’s that?” Tony (1984, at a science fair)

Gerald The Knight is called a white knight not because of his benevolence but because of his obsession with vanilla ice-cream. A full-blown ice cream addict, he is ready to binge on tubs of ice cream at the drop of a hat, correction, helmet. Quote:- “Ice-cream, all day, all knight!” The White Knight’s Guide To Post-retirement Life, Touche 8:14

Beware when you're around Kaizer the cyborg because you might mistakenly, as many do, misdenominate him as a human or a robot. This proud and completely digital cyborg is often seen taking offence, or as an astute observer and someone with the knowledge of digital electronics say- getting ‘triggered’, when he is not rallying for various causes.