Dance is a beautiful form of art that allows you to express yourself in the most vivid way possible. It often includes the depiction of a story in the form of expressions and body movements. Presenting to you, Verve, Symphony’s Group Dance Competition. We provide you an incredible platform to flaunt your dance moves and set the stage on fire! Make sure you register to prove your team’s worth and win a hefty prize amount from!

Battle Of Bands

The melee of bands will soon begin! Exhibiting your extraordinary dexterities, compete to emerge as the best! Calling upon all the aspiring and amateur bands to woo the crowd with their invigorating performances as we set the stage for the Battle of Bands at Symphony 2021. Stand the chance to win an amazing array of incentives by s2mstudio!

Symphony Idol

It's time to serenade the crowd with your melodious voice because Symphony is back with the most loved competition: Symphony Idol! This is your chance to shine and emerge as the best singer in all of Somaiya and stand a chance to win exciting prizes worth INR 35,000 by doubledecstudio!


Popular among music enthusiasts, Electronic Dance Music or better known as EDM, has shown a gradual increase in the number of DJs. Presenting to you Decibels, the DJ-ing competition of Symphony. Showcase your talent and get the crowd grooving to win exciting prizes by soundabode!


This land of Symphony 2021 is ruled by those who rule the kingdom of mono-acting with their profound skills that own the stage while they perform. Natasamrat provides an amazing platform for all those who wish to test their skills in acting and theatre drama or even if the idea of acting has ever crossed their mind. The winner and runner-ups of Natsamrat will get to do an exciting acting course provided by TTMM Activity Studio.

Ok Doodle

Are the pages of all your books filled with quirky doodles made during those long monotonous lectures? OK Doodle is just the event for you! Showcase your doodling skills and stand a chance to win exciting prizes!

Picture This

The skill of capturing moments, along with the emotions that scream on top of its voice is a talent that is seldom possessed. The story behind the picture is perfectly narrated by its capturer and 'Picture this' is the best platform to make your plethora of moments seized in your lens reach many. Don't wait, adjust your frames, set the focus of your lens to capture some astonishing photographs, and grab a chance to win exciting prizes along with an opportunity to do an amazing Photography course with LotusBeam School of Photography.

Feel The Beat

Adding to the array of amazing events at Symphony, we bring to you for the very first time, Feel the Beat, a solo dance competition. If you are someone who believes in dancing your worries away, this contest is totally made for you. It’s time to boost your creative energy and indulge in a dopamine rush while you express yourself in the form of beautiful dance movements. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to feel the beat and groove to your favourite song at the Symphony 2021. The ‘Feel the Beat’ island at the Symphony Land awaits to be mesmerised by your magical moves and expressions. A scholarship worth 11k by awaits you!

Film Flick

The art of acting fused with directing your creation is one of its kind and there is beauty in presenting a story that is well structured in a form of a short film, and we at Film Flick have got it splendidly covered for all you filming wizards out there. So lights, camera, and action as the Film Flick are going to have some amazing filmmakers with their even amazing films coming in. So don't wait, seize this chance to win some exciting prizes and a chance to do various Film and Theatre Acting courses with TTMM activity studio.

Word Smith

As William Wordsworth once said “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” We, at Symphony 2021 are here with ‘Wordsmith’, a creative writing competition that provides you a platform to pen down your thoughts in the most beautiful way possible. If you are one of those who believe in expressing yourself with the power of your words, we’ve got you covered! Come and participate in this event and stand a chance to create some incredibly breathtaking pieces of writing and guess what? Not just that, also win some amazing prizes and incentives. A huge shoutout to writeindia for sponsoring this segment of Symphony 2021 with their vision ‘to redefine Indian Literary Field.’

Somaiya Got Talent

"Hide not your talents, they for use were made, What's a sundial in the shade?" rightly said by Benjamin Franklin, why hide? So, the stage is set and the lights adorned get ready to showcase your talent in the most awaited event of Symphony- "Somaiya's Got Talent." The finalist of Somaiya's Got Talent gets a chance to perform at Symphony 2021. So mark the dates and get ready for this is going to be arduous!

Mr. & Ms. Somaiya

Here’s your chance to win the title of Mr. and Ms. Somaiya. Symphony 2021, An Empyrean Saga, is back with one of the most remarkable events of Symphony. The competition that decides the Prince and Princess of the Symphony Land! All the eligible contestants will be tested based on their skills, talents and personality.The participants will go through various rounds of qualification before they can perform at the finals of Mr. and Ms. Somaiya and win the throne! So get ready to put up your best performance and prove why you deserve to be crowned as the Mr. and Ms. Somaiya.

Developed with by Devansh Shah , Marmik Shah , Keval Sanghvi and Darshil Mehta